Wastes Water Management
Main Technical Services
Environmental Site Assessments
Property Condition Asssessments
Grant Application and LUST/Trust Fund Reimbursement
Site Remediation Program
Cleanup of Dry-cleaning Solvent Contamination
Site Inspection and Material Testing
Geotechnical Engineering
Waste Water Management
Construction Management

We provide services in following areas:

  • Waste minimization
  • Wastewater segregation
  • Wastewater recovery / reuse
  • Toxics removal
  • Toxicity reduction evaluation
  • Biological treatment facility
  • Stream assimilation
  • Physical / chemical treatment facility
  • Residual / sludge management plan
  • Residual / sludge treatment / disposal
  • Land application
  • Wastewater pretreatment
  • Collection / pumping systems



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